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  • My partner/co-parent and I have different parenting styles. Can you help?
    I welcome couples and co-parents to take my course together. It is a powerful experience the whole family will benefit from, and a discount is offered when co-parents sign up for my Transformational Parent Course at the same time. If your partner or co-parent isn't on board, I have good news to share. Research shows having just ONE caregiver a child can form a secure attachment to, is all they need to thrive! This means if you focus on being the best parent you can be ~ that is the most valuable gift you can give your child. *ps: many spouses & co-parents get inspired by their partner's work with me. Once they see the amazing growth and changes you are making, you never know...they may just come around.
  • What is Intentional Parenting?
    Intentional parenting is a mindful approach to raising children. It involves being purposeful and proactive in our parenting, in a way that aligns with our family values. It prioritizes a strong relationship with our children rooted in connection, loving boundaries & mutual respect. It recognizes how big a role our parenting plays in our children's lives, how deeply it impacts them and who they become.
  • Is this therapy?
    No. Parent Coaching and Therapy are different professions that compliment each other beautifully and are each invaluable in their own right. Therapy may help you process/manage trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other mental health issues. Therapists may work with adults, couples, families, marriages or children - it can cover a broad spectrum of clients and issues. A Certified Parent Coach is trained and specialized in one area of expertise: PARENTING. They have one main client: parents. The goal is to provide support and implement healthy parenting strategies that benefit the caregiver and the child, to help them form a secure attachment -- which research shows leads to the best outcomes in life. *Stephanie is not a licensed therapist and will not treat mental health conditions. Coaching is focused solely on your parenting growth & achieving your parenting goals. Are you already in therapy? Wonderful! Any self-awareness or healing cultivated in therapy only helps your Parent Coaching process, as we focus in solely on your parenting to help you build the relationship with your children you desire. Is your child in therapy? Parent Coaching is one of the best things you can do to compliment their therapy and support your child from all angles. When your parenting aligns with what your child needs, it is a recipe for success. Stephanie refers to, & works in conjunction with, licensed therapists to provide a holistic approach for her clients. Anything outside of her scope of practice gets referred out to the appropriate resources.
  • I already read parenting books & follow experts. What value do you bring?
    While a good book or instagram post can have an impact.....for most of us, this alone is not enough. Why? - It usually takes a lot more than just knowledge or inspiration to create lasting change. - Parents need a personalized approach, since every parent and child are SO unique. - It takes action, encouragement, accountability, goals, and a game plan. Stephanie is here to support, listen, exchange ideas, encourage, inspire and hold you accountable when you need it most. It means having someone in your corner to help you make sense of the parent you are - and ensure it aligns with the parent you want to be. Even the most amazing book, instagram post or parenting seminar, cannot provide that.
  • What exactly is a Parent Coach?
    A Parent Coach is a trained professional, specialized in providing support, encouragement and guidance to help parents navigate the many challenges & complexities of raising children. A Parent Coach inspires you to reach your parenting goals and foster a positive, secure relationship with your child. Different coaches have varying philosophies on parenting, and not all coaches are trained or certified. It's important to ensure you and your coach are a good fit and on the same page. Book a complimentary Discovery Call to learn how Stephanie can give you the support you deserve.
  • Is Parent Coaching right for me?
    Do you ever... Feel stressed or overwhelmed in parenting? Long for more cooperation & less power struggles in your home? Want to learn how to support your child through their challenges & big emotions? Need support with your own self-care, needs and emotions ~ so you can better show up for your kids? Want help navigating discipline & other parenting challenges? Get triggered, or struggle to stay calm with your child in the moment? Desire more connection with your child? Resort to punishments, threats, yelling or time-outs because you feel out of options, and wish there was a better way? Wish you could do things differently than how you were raised, but find yourself repeating the very patterns you swore you wouldn't repeat ~ and want to break the cycle? Feel knowledgeable about parenting, yet still have questions & want to take your parenting to the next level? Believe in Intentional Parenting yet find it hard to implement in real life moments with your kids? The truth is, we could all use a Parent Coach! Investing in the relationship with your child is INVALUABLE. The benefits are lifelong. If any of the above apply to you, you qualify for Parent Coaching. Book a Discovery Call to learn more.
  • I am a teacher/nanny/school interested in your course. How do you bring value in this arena?
    Anyone working closely with children will benefit greatly from this work. Children spend 7 hours a day, 5 days a week at school. Some children spend more hours with their school/nannies/daycare than with their parents. The more positive adult influences a child has in their life; the more adults who support & believe in them; the more safety a child feels in their environment..... the better outcomes children will have. Stephanie's Course, Workshops, and Private Coaching foster connection between an adult and a child. You will learn many life-changing skills that you can apply in the classroom setting or in your nannying. You will also learn about yourself - as the adult & leader in this dynamic - and how you came to be the teacher/nanny you are today.
  • What if I can't afford the retail price?
    Stephanie believes this life-changing work should be accessible to all parents striving to be the best they can be, who are willing to do the work to get there. Due to this belief, Stephanie does offer discounts and occasional sliding scale rates. Book a complimentary Discovery Call to see if you are a fit for these pricing options.
  • Where can I find your pricing?
    Book your complimentary Discovery Call with Stephanie to discuss pricing, which will vary based upon your unique needs, goals and services you receive. Stephanie’s rates are in line with that of other private parent coaches, and she is currently offering Introductory pricing - which won't last long!
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