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About Me

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Stephanie Akin

Certified Parent Coach

Hi! I’m Stephanie, the founder of Heart in Hand Parenting, a trained and Certified Parent Coach, and for the past decade I have also been a practicing Conscious & Intentional parent...dedicated to raising two loveable kiddos with my husband: our 10-yr old son & 8-yr old daughter {aka the lights of our lives}.

My Story

Growing up I was surrounded by parenting books and rich psychology discussions in our home, which fueled my curiosity and ignited a lifelong passion for psychology and parenting. Friends & family always joked I was an old soul and a psychologist to everyone around me (which still holds true today). I was always fascinated by parenting, noticing at a very young age how deeply it molded and affected all children, and the adults we would become.

During my undergrad studies at Florida State University, my mom began working at a prominent Parenting Center and Preschool in my hometown of Sarasota. This brought incredible education opportunities - and I wanted in. Over the next 20 years, I chose to volunteer and attend 18 of their live Annual Speaker Events. From respected guests like Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Siegel, to best-selling NY Times author Dr. Ross Greene (and many others), I got to soak up sage parenting advice given by world-renowned parent experts. Then, I would go home and study their books. I was just a young girl in my 20s, not married or with children - and yet, my passion and hunger for parenting/psychology was insatiable. I felt inspired. In 2003, I graduated Cum Laude from Florida State University with degrees in Psychology & Communications.


In 2013, when my husband and I became pregnant with our first child, everything changed for me. Soon after, I made the conscious decision to leave behind a successful & lucrative 12-year career in Medical Sales in Women's Health to immerse myself in the psychology of parenting. I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to raising our children in the most present and emotionally-healthy way possible. 

Being in the trenches 24/7 as a stay-at-home-mom with "two under two" was a steep learning curve, and it brought several epiphanies. Perhaps the most surprising one, being this:




I learned it was one thing to believe in Intentional Parenting, and quite another to practice it in real life with my own children, with consistency. I was devoted to figuring out why. That's when parenting became my sole focus, mission, and work. I had always spent a lot of time in therapy to improve my own mental health and grow as a person, and continue to do so today. Becoming a better human makes me a better mom.

I attended all the parent classes and seminars I could get my hands on. I read up on current research, studied articles and books from world-leading parent experts, psychiatrists and Ph.D's. I taught myself Child Development. Attachment theory. Neuroscience. Somatic therapy. Emotional awareness & intelligence (EQ) - just to name a few. I combined this with my own generational cycle-breaking and inner child work. 

I practiced it all at home with my two children and witnessed the gifts and magic grow. I couldn’t get enough! My parenting was not perfect - but it didn't have to be. Everyone felt seen, loved, respected, and was thriving. The more I practiced Intentional Parenting, the more harmony and connection grew in our family. My hard work and effort came back tenfold, making parenting easier and more joyful. It helped not only my kids and family thrive, but my relationship with myself grow as well.


I began to notice how often parents and friends were approaching me, always asking for parenting advice or a listening ear. I was immersed in the world of parenting, constantly reading, learning, attending groups and classes, and parent groups online. It felt natural to help fellow parents and offer up my wisdom/guidance. Every time a parent  expressed  their gratitude to me for making a difference and helping them through a struggle, it felt so fulfilling and so right.  

One day when our firstborn was an infant, I found myself writing a parent course curriculum in my car after leaving a mommy-baby class. My passion & knowledge was - quite literally - pouring out of me onto sheets of paper. That's when I knew I had to share this gift with other parents. When the timing was right, I went back to school to honor that dream ~ and today, I am a Certified Parent Coach through the amazing Jai Institute of Parenting ~ a global Parent Coaching Institute that aligns with my personal philosophy and mission. My passion is giving parents the support we all deserve, a safe space to be seen, heard, and empowered with all the knowledge and parenting research needed to foster the most secure attachment possible with our kids.


I am here to help you make sense of the parent you are, and work with you to ensure it aligns with the parent you want to be. This is deeply transforming work that will bring harmony into your home and change your family's life. It fills my soul to make a difference ~ one parent, child, and family at a time.

I am so happy you are here, and I cannot wait to work with you.


With gratitude & lots of love,


It is never too late to become the parent you wish to be.

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