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Parenting with Intention, through Connection.

 Private Coaching with Certified 
 Parent Coach, Stephanie Akin.

There is no greater gift than investing in yourself and your child.


Parenting comes with no instruction manuals. It is the most important job in the world, and yet - for many of us -

it is also the hardest.

But it doesn't have to be.

With a Certified Parent Coach supporting you every step of the way, you'll gain the encouragement, tools and guidance you need to feel more confident in your parenting, and cultivate a healthy, thriving relationship with your children (and yourself!).

It takes a village, and you are not alone.

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

I feel stressed or overwhelmed in parenting

I long for more cooperation & less power struggles in our home

I often question what to do in various parenting scenarios & would love some personalized support

I resort to punishments, threats, or yelling because I feel out of options and wish there was a better way

I want to learn how to support my child through their challenges and big emotions

I get triggered often, or struggle to stay calm with my child in challenging moments

I wish to do things differently than how I was raised, yet find myself repeating the same patterns I swore I'd never repeat, and want to break the cycle

I'm burnt-out and find it hard to relax, have fun or truly enjoy my kids

I want to feel more connected to my children

I believe in Intentional Parenting, yet find it hard to implement in real life moments with my kids

Meet Stephanie!


Hi! I'm Stephanie, the founder of Heart in Hand Parenting, a trained & Certified Parent Coach, wife and devoted mom to two sweet children, ages 10 & 8. I have been a practicing Conscious, Intentional Parent for the past decade, and have seen the difference it has made not only in my family's life, but in countless others. It is my long-held passion and dream to share the knowledge, training and experience I've acquired through the years to help other parents become the parents they wish to be; to enjoy an authentic relationship with their children based on mutual respect and love; and to foster more joy, harmony & connection within the home. 

The Heart in Hand Philosophy


Create a connected, secure relationship with your child based on mutual respect, developmentally appropriate expectations, loving boundaries, conscious communication & collaboration.


Bring purpose & self-awareness into your parenting and align your actions and words with your family values.

Harmony & Joy

By building connection, and parenting with intention, your child will feel seen, heard & valued. Your relationship will thrive. And you will find more ease, harmony and joy in your home.

Heart in Hand
Parent Coaching Services 

How it works:

Book your complimentary Discovery Call

During your 30-minute chat, Stephanie will get to know you, what’s happening for you and your family, and discuss how she can best support you in your parenting journey.

Stephanie will answer your questions

Stephanie will share more about her approach, answer any questions you may have, and discuss what services will best support you to reach your parenting goals.

Get started!

If it feels right to you both, Stephanie will get you started on your transformational parenting journey! Get ready for so much growth and some fun along the way, too. 


The Journey Towards Becoming The Parent You Wish To Be, Begins Today.

“Stephanie, thank you for guiding me on this journey to learn and grow not only as a parent, but as a human. Your 12 week course taught me how I can show up better, not just for my kids, and for my family...but for myself. I have been able to apply and see actual changes in myself and my children. Thank you for being authentic and real in what you're doing. It is so reassuring that you are a parent too and you practice what you preach with your own children. This was a wonderful experience for me, and I will continue to seek your guidance and support moving forward, because I know the time and energy I spend with you will help me continue to reach my goals.”

- Erika, mother of 3

“Working with Stephanie has been healing for my entire family. I feel seen, heard and supported in a way I never have since becoming a mom (and my kids now feel seen, heard & supported too). I only wish I'd found Stephanie sooner. She digs deep and helped me see self-care, parenting, and self-awareness in a whole new light. I feel more connected to myself and my kids. I feel lighter & more confident in my parenting, The entire vibe in our house has changed. I'm forever grateful to Stephanie for the positive effect she's had on my life and family."

- Jennifer, mom of 2

“I'm a dad and to be honest I never thought I'd be open to 'parent coaching'. But from my first meeting with Stephanie I knew I was in for something special. I felt so comfortable, safe, and somehow I opened right up. She made it fun, too. She met me where I am in life without judgment and tailored our sessions to fit my personal needs and goals. I can say without a doubt, I would not be the father I am today if it weren't for Stephanie. Through her compassion, her guidance, her listening ear, and her crazy wisdom in parenting & just life -- I've learned why I came to be the father I was, and how to make the changes I needed to be the best dad for my kids. I've never grown so much as a person. To see real change you have to do the work - and Stephanie helped me turn things around with my kids and family."

- Chris, father of 2

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